Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression T-Shirt

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Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression T-Shirt
Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression T-Shirt


HeatGear fabric, with all the benefits of UA Compression, comfortable enough to be worn all day

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Alright- Following format for my typical UA posts:

So – getting this part out of the way. When UA first was released and came to popularity in the US, their garments were QUALITY. Their stitching was concise, their quality control was amazing, their materials bled “quality” when touched, and it took me 5 years to finally wear in, and then out all my running gear. I was impressed. Currently – the price hasn’t dropped, but I’ll be impressed if this compression shirt and my 3 new pairs of running shorts make it through 2016. The stitching isn’t as concise, the tangible quality feel of fabric has declined too. I’m unhappy that the price hasn’t declined with quality – but unfortunately, after searching other brands, this still is the best stuff out there.

I’m a recreational non-competitive runner who beats out 10-15 miles per week. I’m in my 5th year of activity and use. Compression garments increase comfort by keeping all the jiggly bits locked down, and prevent shirts from catching on your shoulders/chest and friction burning the contact areas while retaining water weight. Think: Cheese grater to sensitive areas.

I’ve owned UA compression garments from the beginning and they’re finally in need of replacement. Years ago, I purchased XL garments and found them to be snug for the first few runs, finally loosening up as they were put to work and stretched. Putting this garment on, I felt it to be a lot more ‘forgiving’ and creeping in size along with the typical American waistline. I’ll report back later if it bothers me enough.

Features – are consistent with garments of old, though the vented armpits are certainly a step in the right direction. I enjoyed finding this feature out after being skeptical about it during my initial product inspection.

All in all – I can’t complain too much- because competitors are charging just as much, or more, and delivering less. This is the best performance garment currently available – even if I have to replace it in 2016.

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Top Critical Review


I have now swam laps in this shirt a half dozen times. The bottom hem is coming apart (see photo of loose threads), this knocked off two stars. This is getting worse (hem coming apart), and the shirt will soon be unwearable. Beginning to wonder if this is authentic Under Armour–other UA products I have owned have not had any issues like this. The other reason for the reduction from 5 stars is that unfortunately, this shirt chafes. The seam around the cuffs of the short sleeves is chafing the inside of my upper arms as I swim, on the lower inside of my arm, below the bicep. After swimming, I experience red, painful irritation on the inside of both arms, in the same place. this is a design issue. I would like a slightly longer sleeve which reached my elbow to prevent this–not a long sleeve, as long sleeved swim shirts tend to twist in the arms. I swim outdoors and I need something healthier than sunscreen to protect from the sun. Sadly, this isn’t it. The chafing is not tolerable and my arms are painfully irritated for a day or more after a swim, and now it is coming apart. The search continues…

Most swim shirts are better suited to just hanging out in the pool or at the beach, maybe on a boat, as opposed to actually swimming proper laps. Unlike other swim shirts I have tried, this fits like a second-skin, and feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Lesser shirts are thicker, looser, do not breathe, are not form-fitting, and tend to twist around the shoulders, restricting your arm motion uncomfortably. This is not the case with this shirt – it stays put and swimming with it is a pleasure. It feels like you are not even wearing a shirt at all. After trying three other “swim shirts”, I am glad I FINALLY found the ideal solution. Very pleased. Highly recommend this for people who actually swim laps for exercise.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Will the Tropic Pink/Black become available in small?
Answer: Go to Amazon, they have all the answers about this. But yes I’m going to buy more

If chest size is a medium according to the chart, but waist size is large, should I order a large?
Answer: I usually ware Large. I ordered extra large was still very very tight. These shirts are only for muscle men. I loved the style, looks but unless you are a weight lifter I don’t believe you will be happy. Just my opinion

An ETA on medium & large in dark green?
Answer: Soon.

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