Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Poplin Shirt

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Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Poplin Shirt
Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Poplin Shirt


100% Cotton

Top Positive Review

I ordered this button up shirt and I??m happy with it. It fits really well and since I got the Standard fit, I??ve got room to move around in it. I could probably wear a Slim fit Large or a Standard fit Medium but I don??t want it to look as if it were painted on my 5??11?? 190 lbs frame. My only complaint is that the shirt is a lighter color blue than the picture. It??s not a bold, deep color blue but more of a washed/faded type blue. All in all though, this is a very nice garment and I??m happy with my purchase.

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Top Critical Review

I’m fairly large, not huge, and I can bench press 300-something pounds, do lots of different weird push-up variations, hundreds of sit-ups, ride scores of miles on my bike, etc. So I’m in decent shape. Bit of extra padding, I will admit. My pants have a mix of 36, 37 and 38-inch waists. I’m not into dieting, and not really trying to impress anyone with my 18 pack. I mainly don’t like being weak or tired. In size XL, this shirt is made for weak, tired, skinny-fat dudes, not muscular slightly chubby dudes.

I usually buy shirts in brick-n-mortar stores. The last one I bought online was a Patagonia flannel shirt size XL, standard fit. I literally swam inside it, and could pull it out nearly a foot from my waist in the front (so I exchanged it for an L, which is fine, slightly looser than this XL). This shirt is VERY slim fit by comparison. Not much to pull out. It doesn’t look horrible, and actually would be nearly ideal under a jacket if I never planned to remove said jacket. It just looks like I don’t know what size I wear, or I really let myself go over the holidays. It’s also a little short, like a bargain Untuckit.

Quality-wise, it seems fine. Haven’t decided whether to keep or exchange for an XXL.
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Customer Questions & Answers

What size do you recommend for 5’9 170lbs ?
Answer: Definitely a size LARGE. I am 5’9 170. Any smaller size will not fit.

could I wear this shirt in a tropical climate ?
Answer: I live in a tropical climate all year long – bought two of these and they are lovely… the fabric is 100% for tropical climate…

Since 100% cotton, does this shirt need to be ironed after washing, or is it ‘acceptably wrinkled’…?
Answer: I hang it after washing, and the shirt doesn’t hold wrinkles. It could be ironed for a crisp look, but is okay to wear without ironing.

I am in between xxl and xl. If they run tight i take an xxl. Which should i get xxl or xl ? thanks 5’9″ 230
Answer: I would suggest the xxl. The xl fits kind of snug on me.

At the shirt “” where ‘s the pocket ???
Answer: The shirt has no pocket

Is it wrin kle free?
Answer: Not really. You can throw it in the dryer and it will remove most of them but if you want that crisp look, you??ll need to bust out the iron. Love the shirt though!

What size should I buy at 5’6″ 140 lb? Not sure if the sizes run small or large
Answer: I am 5′ 9″ 155 lb and a medium fits well, so a medium will definitely fit, but a small may fit better.

no tuck shirts ?
Answer: These shirts look good anyway you sport them.

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