A composite material made from marble chippings embeded in concrete, terrazzo has origins that go back all over the world and 500 years to Italy. There, Venetian employees would certainly take disposed of marble fragments as well as anchor them in concrete mixes for their own personal terraces as well as residence floors.
It became a popular choice for business floor covering– it’s easy to identify in resorts, airports and also college halls– thanks to its toughness as well as toughness. And also as the industrial and also post-modern designs of the mid to late 20th century took hold, terrazzo began to pop up in houses also.
terrazzo coffee table
Now, in a significant change, this retro flooring is having an additional moment. In place of tile, designers are utilizing terrazzo slabs to bring a sleek, modern feel to bathroom and kitchens.
The pieces are called bonded terrazzo, as well as they’re ending up being progressively prominent because they use the very same artisanal look as standard put terrazzo yet can be laid on top of a concrete or plywood sub-floor in less time and also without a messy mess. And they’re also a great deal a lot more economical– about $50 to $100 (CAD 65 and CAD 130) per square foot, compared with a comparable price for granite kitchen counters.
For conventional terrazzo, a service provider puts a mix of chips and also concrete right into a concrete piece, leaving divider panel strips of metal– zinc, brass or various other materials– to divide various shade modifications in the layout. The specialist after that grinds the accumulation to a smooth coating. The result is a long lasting surface that can be left as-is or brightened to develop different finishes.
On the various other hand, bound terrazzo requires a much thinner layer of chips and also a polyacrylate or epoxy base. The service provider can lay it over a concrete slab or a plywood sub-floor, but the job will likely be a lot more complicated if it’s being installed in an existing house due to the fact that the service provider has to make certain that the thickness of the concrete piece jives with the floor level in your home.
Both kinds can be made use of with a variety of colors, and also they can be developed, cleaned, brightened or sandblasted to accomplish various looks. However they don’t have the very same breathability as conventional terrazzo and can be much more at risk to dampness issues.
To counter that, some service providers make use of a vapor obstacle in between the concrete or plywood and the terrazzo piece to assist keep the garnishes from obtaining loose. And both adhered terrazzo as well as typical terrazzo can be made use of outdoors, however the professionals have to include a reinforcement grid to make certain that the topping will certainly take on the aspects. Consequently, it’s important to obtain a good sealer when you install the floor covering and also to have your specialist re-seal it a minimum of as soon as annually. (Note: Some kinds of terrazzo call for a special re-seal, so make certain to ask your contractor which is suitable for your project.) Despite which kind you choose, your re-seal should include a primer as well as a clear coat to secure the surface from spots.